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About Us


Family-Fresh Pizza

At Giovanni's, our restaurant is an expression of what we learned food should be; A spark that ignites and strengthens the bond between a family.

Growing up in the Greater Cleveland Area, our family would connect over a dinner that showcased the hard work and dedication that builds a home. When we would sit down, we would open our hearts, and our stomachs, to a conversation about our passions and creations, knowing that we had the support of our family.

 With a pursuit to ignite that conversation for your family, we look at pizza differently. We stand above the mounds of frozen dough, and look past the bags of sugar and flavoring that have become common in restaurants, and see the promise of how pizza should be done, Fresh.

To deliver on that promise, we make all of our dough on-site every day and meticulously monitor for the perfect rise. Each morning, we create our own blends of cheese to stage a golden set that sparks the creativity for our recipes. And each day, we mix our amazing sauces that speak to the passion of our hard work. 

At Giovanni's, we aim to serve more than a pizza. We strive to serve a promise, a spark, and a conversation, with honest, straight-to-the-heart service that celebrates the community that we grew up in.

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